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Our primary goal is to breed and raise the best Hackneys possible.  We try to do this through long-term planning and implementation.  We are currently using hackney pony and hackney horse stallions and a couple of brood mares to ensure the proper balance between genetic diversity and line breeding.

Breeding program

Our breeding program has emphasized correct conformation as we strive to obtain a hackney that is not only pleasing to the eye but capable of performing as desired, in multiple disciplines.Our hackney pony broodmares are all bred and purchased at the famous Heartland Hackney Farm, New London, USA.

Hackney foal
Hackney foal
Hackney pony stallion
Kampioen hackney Heartland He's Never to Late

Passionate about producing Champions!!

Breeding Stallions
Hackney breeding stallion Heartland Moonshadow
Heartland Moonshadow

s. The Postmaster

Producer of Champions

Multiple winner of first prices in harness and in hand

pedigree hackney
Hackney Breeding stallion Heartland Bust Your Buttons
Heartland Bust Your Buttons

s. Heartland Equality

Producer of Multiple Dutch Champion Here I Am

Champion in harness and in Hand

hackney paper pedigree
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