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For Sale

Stable Rob d’Achard constantly has young talented horses for sale. Hackney ponies ready to compete,
broodmares with the best pedigrees in foal to the best proven stallions, youngsters; colts and fillies.


Through the various contacts we have with breeders and consumers, very long experience and major  knowledge of horses we are able to find the best horse that fits the client. A top-breeder will not sell its
best genetic material, however we regularly manage to buy such a top-product.

But also for the major part of our costumers, the clients of a horse to use every day, it is always a puzzle to find the best horse. Which horse fits which character? It is not only a matter of taste, but also of lineage, movement, personality, exterior etc. and for which purpose the horse is being used. Does the client need a horse for
recreation, a combined driving horse for the highest level, a pair of horses, a four-in-hand for coaching, breeding etc, things which are important to know.

All horses are selected with utmost care and are of course all medically examined. Through Stable Rob d’Achard many horses have been sold to the USA, United Kingdom, Costa Rico, Canada, Morocco, Germany, Italy, Greek, Spain, Belgium and France. Stable Rob d’Achard also imports hackney ponies from the USA and hackney Horses from South Africa. 

When you are seriously looking for a combined driving horse, a pair,
a four-in-hand, a show horse / hackney, please contact  Rob   +31 (0)653 902 162 / Els +31 (0)627 515 016

Horses and Ponies sold by Stable Rob d'Achard

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